Isidoro Martínez' lectures on Heat and Mass Transfer

Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer
    What it is, what for, and how it is done. Nomenclature. Thermal conductivity (data). Difusión térmica y másica

Heat conduction
    Analytical solutions (steady, unsteady, separation of variables...). Numerical solutions (finite differences, finite elements...)

Mass diffusion
orces and fluxes, balance equations, diffusion rate (Fick's law), analytical solutions. Evaporation rate.

Heat convection. Boundary layer flow. Convección térmica y másica
    Types of heat convection. A brief on Fluid Mechanics. Boundary layer flow. Reynolds analogy. Temperature effects on fluid properties.

Forced and natural convection
Curved boundary layers, and flow detachment. External flow. Pipe flow. Natural convection. Type of fluids.

Convection with phase change
Condensation (forced and natural). Boiling (pool and flow). Heat pipes. Evaporative cooling.

Heat exchangers
Plate heat exchangers. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Boilers. Overall heat-transfer coefficient. Fouling. LMTD method. NTU method.

Heat convection in space
A combined presentation of thermal convection problems in spacecraft.

Thermal radiation. Radiación térmica
    Black-body radiation. Real bodies: interface and bulk. Measuring thermal radiation. Spectral and directional modelling. Radiative coupling. View factor algebra.

List of equations