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Chapter 15: Set of pre-written equations available.

Theoretical air (i.e. theoretical air/fuel ratio) for a fuel CuHvOwNxSy

> eq15_2:=A[0]=(u+v/4-w/2+y)/c21;

A[0] = `/`(`*`(`+`(u, `*`(`/`(1, 4), `*`(v)), `-`(`*`(`/`(1, 2), `*`(w))), y)), `*`(c21))

Equivalence ratio ("riqueza")

> eq15_3:=phi=A[0]/A;

phi = `/`(`*`(A[0]), `*`(A))

Relative air. Excess of air

> eq15_3_:=lambda=A/A[0];eq15_4:=e=A/A[0]-1;

lambda = `/`(`*`(A), `*`(A[0]))
e = `+`(`/`(`*`(A), `*`(A[0])), `-`(1))

Heating value

> eq15_5:=PC=-Sum(nu[i]*h[i],i=1..C);eq15_5_:=PCS=-Sum(x[i]*h[std,i],i=1..C)/a;eqPCs:=PCI=PCS-x[H2O]*h[lv25]/a;

PC = `+`(`-`(Sum(`*`(nu[i], `*`(h[i])), i = 1 .. C)))
PCS = `+`(`-`(`/`(`*`(Sum(`*`(x[i], `*`(h[std, i])), i = 1 .. C)), `*`(a))))
PCI = `+`(PCS, `-`(`/`(`*`(x[H2O], `*`(h[lv25])), `*`(a))))

Heat output (energy balance, steady control volume)

> eq15_6:=Q[s]=DH[e,term]-DH[quim]-DH[s,term];

Q[s] = `+`(DH[e, term], `-`(DH[quim]), `-`(DH[s, term]))

Heat output per mol output (energy balance, steady control volume)

> eq15_6_1:=q[s]=a*h[e,fuel,term]+b*c[pa]*(Te-T25)+c*h[e,H2O]+d*c[p,O2]*(Te-T25)-Sum(x[Com[i]]*h[i],i=1..C)-Sum(x[Com[i]]*c[p,i],i=1..CP)*(T-T25);eq15_6_0:=q[s]=a*c[p,fuel,mol]*(Tef-T25)+b*c[pa]*(Tea-T25)+c*h[e,H2O]+d*c[p,O2]*(Te-T25)+a*PCI_-sum(delta_[i]*x[Comp[i]]*c[p,Comp[i]],i=1..C_)*(T-T25);

q[s] = `+`(`*`(a, `*`(h[e, fuel, term])), `*`(b, `*`(c[pa], `*`(`+`(Te, `-`(T25))))), `*`(c, `*`(h[e, H2O])), `*`(d, `*`(c[p, O2], `*`(`+`(Te, `-`(T25))))), `-`(Sum(`*`(x[Com[i]], `*`(h[i])), i = 1 .....
q[s] = `+`(`*`(a, `*`(c[p, fuel, mol], `*`(`+`(Tef, `-`(T25))))), `*`(b, `*`(c[pa], `*`(`+`(Tea, `-`(T25))))), `*`(c, `*`(h[e, H2O])), `*`(d, `*`(c[p, O2], `*`(`+`(Te, `-`(T25))))), `*`(a, `*`(PCI_)),...
q[s] = `+`(`*`(a, `*`(c[p, fuel, mol], `*`(`+`(Tef, `-`(T25))))), `*`(b, `*`(c[pa], `*`(`+`(Tea, `-`(T25))))), `*`(c, `*`(h[e, H2O])), `*`(d, `*`(c[p, O2], `*`(`+`(Te, `-`(T25))))), `*`(a, `*`(PCI_)),...

Heat output per mol output, for standard input

> eq15_6_2:=q[s]=a*PCI-Sum(x[Com[i]]*c[p,i],i=1..CP)*(T-T25);eq15_6_3:=q[s]=a*PCI_-sum(delta_[i]*x[Comp[i]]*c[p,Comp[i]],i=1..C_)*(T-T25):eqqs:=%;

q[s] = `+`(`*`(a, `*`(PCI)), `-`(`*`(Sum(`*`(x[Com[i]], `*`(c[p, i])), i = 1 .. CP), `*`(`+`(T, `-`(T25))))))
q[s] = `+`(`*`(a, `*`(PCI_)), `-`(`*`(sum(`*`(delta_[i], `*`(x[Comp[i]], `*`(c[p, Comp[i]]))), i = 1 .. C_), `*`(`+`(T, `-`(T25))))))

Adiabatic combustion temperature for standard input and approx. air-output

> eq15_7:=Ta=T25+a*PCI/(Sum(x[Com[i]],i=1..CP)*c[pa]);eq15_7_1:=Ta=T25+a*PCI_/(sum(delta_[i]*x[Comp[i]],i=1..C_)*c[pa]);

Ta = `+`(T25, `/`(`*`(a, `*`(PCI)), `*`(Sum(x[Com[i]], i = 1 .. CP), `*`(c[pa]))))
Ta = `+`(T25, `/`(`*`(a, `*`(PCI_)), `*`(sum(`*`(delta_[i], `*`(x[Comp[i]])), i = 1 .. C_), `*`(c[pa]))))

Adiabatic combustion temperature for standard input

> eq15_7_2:=Ta=T25+a*PCI/Sum(x[Com[i]]*c[p,i],i=1..CP);eq15_7_3:=Ta=T25+a*PCI_/sum(delta_[i]*x[Comp[i]]*c[p,Comp[i]],i=1..C_):eqTa:=%;

Ta = `+`(T25, `/`(`*`(a, `*`(PCI)), `*`(Sum(`*`(x[Com[i]], `*`(c[p, i])), i = 1 .. CP))))
Ta = `+`(T25, `/`(`*`(a, `*`(PCI_)), `*`(sum(`*`(delta_[i], `*`(x[Comp[i]], `*`(c[p, Comp[i]]))), i = 1 .. C_))))

Adiabatic combustion temperature ready for computations

> eq15_7_4:=Ta=T25+(a*(PCI+c[p,fuel]*(Tef-T25))+b*c[p,Air]*(Tea-T25))/Sum(delta[i]*x[Com[i]]*c[p,i],i=1..C);eq15_7_5:=Ta=T25+(a*(PCI_+c[p,fuel]*(Tef_-T25))+b*c[p,N2]*(Tea_-T25))/sum(delta_[i]*x[Comp[i]]*c[p,Comp[i]],i=1..C_);

Ta = `+`(T25, `/`(`*`(`+`(`*`(a, `*`(`+`(PCI, `*`(c[p, fuel], `*`(`+`(Tef, `-`(T25))))))), `*`(b, `*`(c[p, Air], `*`(`+`(Tea, `-`(T25))))))), `*`(Sum(`*`(delta[i], `*`(x[Com[i]], `*`(c[p, i]))), i = 1...
Ta = `+`(T25, `/`(`*`(`+`(`*`(a, `*`(`+`(PCI_, `*`(c[p, fuel], `*`(`+`(Tef_, `-`(T25))))))), `*`(b, `*`(c[p, N2], `*`(`+`(Tea_, `-`(T25))))))), `*`(sum(`*`(delta_[i], `*`(x[Comp[i]], `*`(c[p, Comp[i]]...

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