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Chapter 8: Set of pre-written equations available.

Definition of molar fraction for the water vapor

> eq8_1:=x[v]=n[v]/(n[a]+n[v]);

`:=`(eq8_1, x[v] = `/`(`*`(n[v]), `*`(`+`(n[a], n[v]))))

Raoult's law applied to saturated humid air

> eq8_2:=x[v,sat]=p[v](T)/p;

`:=`(eq8_2, x[v, sat] = `/`(`*`(p[v](T)), `*`(p)))

Definiton of realtive humidity

> eq8_3:=phi=x[v]/x[v,sat];eq8_4:=phi=x[v]/(p[v](T)/p);

`:=`(eq8_3, phi = `/`(`*`(x[v]), `*`(x[v, sat])))

`:=`(eq8_4, phi = `/`(`*`(x[v], `*`(p)), `*`(p[v](T))))

Definiton of absolute humidity, and relation with the molar fraction

> eq8_5:=w=m[v]/m[a];eq8_6:=x[v]=1/(Mva/w+1);

`:=`(eq8_5, w = `/`(`*`(m[v]), `*`(m[a])))

`:=`(eq8_6, x[v] = `/`(1, `*`(`+`(`/`(`*`(Mva), `*`(w)), 1))))

Relation phi(w,T,p)

> eq8_7:=phi=1/((p[v](T)/p)*(Mva/w+1));

`:=`(eq8_7, phi = `/`(`*`(p), `*`(p[v](T), `*`(`+`(`/`(`*`(Mva), `*`(w)), 1)))))

Relation w(phi,T,p)

> eq8_8:=w=Mva/((p/(phi*p[v](T)))-1);

`:=`(eq8_8, w = `/`(`*`(Mva), `*`(`+`(`/`(`*`(p), `*`(phi, `*`(p[v](T)))), `-`(1)))))

Definition of the dew-point temperature

> eq8_9:=p[v](T[R])=phi*p[v](T);

`:=`(eq8_9, p[v](T[R]) = `*`(phi, `*`(p[v](T))))

Definition of the adiabatic saturation (wet-bulb) temperature (neglecting the enthalpy input by the supply water

> eq8_10:=''h(T,w(phi,T,p))=h(Tsa,w(1,Tsa,p))'';

`:=`(eq8_10, 'h(T, w(phi, T, p)) = h(Tsa, w(1, Tsa, p))')

Humid-air enthalpy. Note that 0-references are taken for water in the liquid state and for air in the gas state, both at 0 ÂșC (T[tr]) and 100 kPa (p0).

> eq8_11:=h=c[pa]*(T-T[f])+w*((h[lv0]-(c[pv]-c)*(T[b]-T[f]))+c[pv]*(T-T[f]));

`:=`(eq8_11, h = `+`(`*`(c[pa], `*`(`+`(T, `-`(T[f])))), `*`(w, `*`(`+`(h[lv0], `-`(`*`(`+`(c[pv], `-`(c)), `*`(`+`(T[b], `-`(T[f]))))), `*`(c[pv], `*`(`+`(T, `-`(T[f])))))))))

Humid-air density.

> eq8_12:=rho=(p/(R[a]*T))*(1-w*(1-Mva)/(w+Mva));

`:=`(eq8_12, rho = `/`(`*`(p, `*`(`+`(1, `-`(`/`(`*`(w, `*`(`+`(1, `-`(Mva)))), `*`(`+`(w, Mva))))))), `*`(R[a], `*`(T))))

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