> restart;#'therm_eq3.mws'.22-6-00.

Chapter 3: Set of pre-written equations available. (REM: use D for Delta instead of E2_E1).

Definition of exergy for a control mass

> eq3_2:=DPhi=W[u,min];

DPhi = W[u, min]

Definition of irreversibility

> eq3_9:=Irr=W[u]-DPhi;

Irr = `+`(W[u], `-`(DPhi))

Exergy of a control mass in an infinite ambient

> eq3_14:=DPhi=DE+p0*DV-T0*DS;

DPhi = `+`(DE, `*`(p0, `*`(DV)), `-`(`*`(T0, `*`(DS))))

Exergy balance for a control mass

> eq3_15:=DPhi=W[u]+Int(1-T0/T,Q)-T0*S[gen];

DPhi = `+`(W[u], Int(`+`(1, `-`(`/`(`*`(T0), `*`(T)))), Q), `-`(`*`(T0, `*`(S[gen]))))

WARNING. A list of all variables follows, to copy and paste to the save command (after Maple7 there is no saving all). CAUTION: After pasting all, I must MANUALLY delete system variables: like RealRange_...

> sort([anames()]);

[eq3_14, eq3_15, eq3_2, eq3_9]

> save eq3_14, eq3_15, eq3_2, eq3_9,"../therm_eq3.m":